New product created by combining existing resources

Mockup bootle of Compal project Mockup bootle of Compal project Mockup bootle of Compal project

Project Overview

Create a set of three Compal carbonated drinks with mineral water obtained from the Vila Flor spring. The Vila Flor Compal infrastructure captures natural carbonated water underground and is used to make carbonated water.

At the time of the project, there were no naturally carbonated organic juices. Compal produces both products separated, carbonated water and organic fruit juices. The concept is to use the current Compal infrastructure to make a disruptive new product.

Creating Compal carbonated natural juices has several positive aspects for the brand, for example, attracting a new target audience to consume Compal and creating a unique product on the market with no added sugars. 


Compal is a Portuguese brand created in 1952 by entrepreneurs and farmers to transform products from nature, package them, and make them accessible to all consumers.

Originally they started as a tomato derivatives company. In the '60s, the first juices were launched. First orange and soon after peach and Apricot.

Brand values

Mockup bootle of Compal project

Visual concept

There was a concern to differentiate the product and show that it is a carbonated drink. The main concept emerged based on the brand's main values: from natural juice, concentrated through selecting the best fruits.

That way appeared the drop of nectar with the fruit's image inside, which refers to the juice's flavor. The carbonation is represented by the pattern, which conveys the experience of the drink bubbling in the mouth and the bubbles on the sides of the glass. This concept also makes the image energetic, aligning with the proposed product type.

Compal concept and colors
Mockup bootle red fruits
Mockup bootle orange and mango
Mockup bootle peach
Desktop and mobile website mockup
Desktop and mobile website